Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Spirit of the Lord is addressing all this FORTUNE TELLING going on in the church.....deno

.......I love and enjoy the good times like anyone. But there are times when God sobers us to His minds thinking..It is for our good. The Spirit of the Lord is addressing all this FORTUNE TELLING going on in the church.
.......Imagine Jesus who you know can never lie, saying to you at the beginning of your ministry that the day will come on earth when you shall die by the hand of others because you believe and belong and serve Me...Stay focused friends...Its not all about the the good times and the gains although we greatly welcome all that goodness and grace, but also for some, following Christ has a price..Have you not noticed how the Muslims are murdering Christians all around the world???
.......It is easy for all of us to shout his praise in the midst of joy and much comforts. But will we fall away when friends and family and the world turns against us for what we believe? Will we lay down HIS CROSS when under the fire of persecutions?
.......John the baptist greatly rejoiced in Christ appearing and visitation to Israel. His soul leaped with joy unspeakable and full of glory....But a few months later Herod's soldiers paid the same John a visit also in prison. In that discomfort John complained not..Somehow God is able to strengthen us in all our afflictions and persecutions whether it be to escape or to overcome them, or to endure them as John did...Keeping It Real folks...
.......P.S...Those of you that prophecy over people...If all you ever prophecy is peace and comfort and fame and fortune and yet you never declare upon anyone a warning nor any form of sufferings for Christ name sake you are prophesying from the human spirit and not from the all seeing Holy Ghost...The Lord rebukes you for your fantasy..True Watchman sound the warning and shout the alarm and tell it as it is good or bad and come what may...Lord this word is burning even so let it burn until we are purified from all our delusional prophesying and fortune telling in the Church......Love you friend......deno.