Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Gospel is THE POWER OF GOD....deno....share freely.

......The gospel was planted and born, it grew up and flourished, it even took over people and nations that viciously wrestled and warred against it at the first. (Read that again listening).
......The word of the gospel my friends can bore thru rock. It can take root and grow up into great fruitfulness even from the most hardest dried up ground. It is the miracle producing power of God producing life and promises fulfilled even in the midst of the greatest resistance.
.......Gods word called the gospel is THE POWER OF GOD unto...unto salvation and unto many needs met.The gospel and all its promises just needs our faith to activate it's glory in our lives and nation. The mix of faith is the vital key. The power in the gospel is never the problem. The mix of real faith is.
.......Since therefore the gospel with its power and glory bore thru the rock of Christ grave and into the deadness of his crucified body and raised him from the dead, there exist no situation or circumstance that the word of the gospel which is the power of God cannot be applied to in faith that it cannot heal, mend, supply,or fix..
.......Therefore from the gospel are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises so that by the power of the glory of God in them, we can partake of the presence of the Spirit of Gods glorious power given us in Christ for life and godliness, filling us with a real and living hope each day and night for all situations.....Fear not Jesus told us and BELIEVE ONLY and he said then we would see THE GLORY OF GOD (The gospels powers)....deno.

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