Saturday, May 6, 2017

To Reveal His Love In Us.. This Changes Everything......deno.....share freely.

.......Jesus appeared to Paul with a purpose. To give Paul the spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of God, His Son, and redemption. He also appeared to Paul to put Paul into ministry and to have him write and teach and preach all He was going to show him and REVEAL to him about God, about Jesus the Christ, about redemption and about the Church, the things of the Spirit of God and so many other things.
...... Those revelations. those things Jesus revealed to Paul were in abundance (2 Cor 12:7). One subject that Jesus gave the spirit of wisdom and of revelation to Paul about was Gods love, the greatness of Gods love revealed and fully expressed in Jesus Christ. Gods love was still not real clear in the land. The church was seeing Gods love in shallow levels. Seemed only John really had a deeper insight into Christ great love and John wrote in measure what he understood. But Paul was given the length, the breath, the depth and the height revelations of Christ love that passed natural human thought and understanding.He wrote some of that given light in Romans 5:5-11. What an awing edifying the believer revelation.
......In Ephesians chapter 3:14-21 Paul said that THE CHURCH must be STRENGTHENED by Gods Spirit in the inner man to know and understand the love of Christ that passeth knowledge. Yes he said THE CHURCH to grasp Christ love we must be strengthened by Gods Spirit to obtain the length, the width, the breadth, and the height of Gods love in Christ awing measure..
......Christ love is by no means a shallow measure that just anyone can comprehend, but one of such VAST DEPTHS OF GREATNESS that EVEN THE CHURCH HAS TO HAVE THEIR EYES OPENED TO IT and BE EMPOWERED TO COMPREHEND IT. And since the church must or has to be empowered by God to see it and comprehend it, then the world in its blindness by no normal natural means can know it, and they must depend on us THE CHURCH to unveil it to them in the form of light, works, deeds, wisdom, and power.
......Friends what if we as believers (as the church) never attained to such strengthening to see the full greatness of Christ incredible love? Would not that effect how we perceive God and effect the measure of how we understand this glorious good news gospel that we have given us in Christ Jesus and how we demonstrate the love of Christ with power in this world and to the world? It certainly would.
.......Church it is time for the bride of Christ to break thru this glass ceiling. Time to get to praying earnestly Pauls prayer in Ephesians 3:14-21 for ourselves and for all the saints..That we be STRENGTHENED BY GODS SPIRIT IN OUR INNER MAN to comprehend the length, the breadth, the width, and the height of the love of Christ which passeth normal reasoning and knowledge. When we reach that light level, Paul said the results will be this awesome grace glory. He said in verse 19 that those that obtain that higher lever of understanding Christ love will end up BEING FILLED WITH ALL THE FULNESS OF GOD in their life....WOW WOW WOW ...Glory to God...Im On....Join me in this prayer and its glory to come....Amen...PRAY without ceasing Ephesians 3:14-21....deno.