Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Spirit of the love of the truth is talking...Do you really know Jesus?...deno.

.......Friends when Jesus left the 99 who were living right to go find the one who was not, to find the one who had gone astray, something here we all need to remember. Jesus was the brightness of Gods glory and the express image of Gods heart (Hebrews 1:1-4). So what do we see the true Spirit and heart of God going to do to that one that went astray? He went to find him to bring him/her back home safely, carrying him back home on his own shoulders which means in redemption wisdom, it means he reconciled him back to God thru great love, and thru the Strength and Power of His Cross and Blood intercessions. He did not go to crush him, load him up with guilt and shame, or to destroy the one that went astray....And he sure was not going to set that person up as to bury them up to their neck in dirt so to condemn and stoned them to death by people poor in mercy whose hearts are full of devils.
......If the desire of the Spirit in you wants to gossip about that fallen person, or wants to shame and embarrass that fallen person, or wants to condemn and destroy that person, or wants to pray down fire from heaven upon that backsliders head, or that has fallen into satanic snares set as a trap for his feet, YOU THEN DO NOT KNOW WHAT MIND AND SPIRIT YOU ARE BEING LED BY....It is sure not the love or the thoughts of the Mind and Spirit of Christ.....In His Own Words Jesus Showed Us His Heart, Mind, and Spirit and what he does in that situation...He is gentle and lowly and you will find rest unto your souls...
.......You that say you know Jesus and know the Spirit and mind of Jesus and want to stone and kill the fallen quickly, are you sure you know him? Israel for centuries thought they knew the Lord also, but when he stood before them face to face, heart to heart as he foretold he would, THEY DID NOT RECOGNIZE or KNOW THE LORD who was the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob and Moses. Though he was speaking to them face to face they did not know him so  they received him not.....What is your image of Christ and His Love...????.....deno..