Sunday, May 28, 2017

There really is no one good but God..I accept these words of Jesus.....deno.

......Sorry, but I am one of those that believes that there is no one really good but God as Jesus told us. Jesus either told us the truth in those words or he lied. I believe he would never lie to us..Being one of the not good ones as Jesus said, friend i confess to you that I do not walk on water. I do not do everything right, I have my faults, I get mad sometimes. I do not hit a home run every time I pray, and I may do some things that you would frown upon in your holier than thou position.
......I know me enough and Iv'e been around enough and seen enough to know that I need and we all need Christ and his grace, love, and mercy each and every day...Even those that preach the hardest have been known to sin the greatest.Is that not true?
......As all the wisdom in the world did not change the heart of Solomon and keep him from all that he did in the down and dirty, even so a great sermon does not always mean the heart is sinless or perfect, nor does the mighty shout of an Amen mean all is pure within the shouter..
.......I believe every honest heart will say, I have weaknesses and faults and sin in me sometimes and I need and we need Gods grace and mercy in Christ..Maybe I am wrong in this but this is what I believe...
........In this light that there is no one really good but God I accept that truth and walking in that truth I am free to love all into Christ seeing myself no better and no different than you..I am certainly not one of those that could ever say, God I thank you that I am not like the rest of these..Friends I know me and I know where i came from..
.......Sorry if this makes you look at me differently now, but only truth sets us free....So I say that I am what I am by the mercy and grace and gifts from God given me in Christ...The me and the you outside of these things is a terrible picture to look at..Accepting this truth sets me free to love and accept you with all your weakness and faults and you me with all mine as we grow together in Christ and his love and grace..Just a man pressing on In Christ.....deno.