Monday, May 8, 2017

Spirits Rule This World.....deno....share freely.

.....This world is formed and shaped by spirits and by the spirit world...The only nation on this earth for centuries that God sought to shape was Israel. Israel alone for centuries was the only nation on earth in any way was connected to the influence of the Spirit of the Lord. But God had a hard time shaping his formations and desires in Israels life and culture because of the hardness of their hearts. They were stiff necked and stubborn..Like Stephen said of them before they stoned him..He said, You do always resist the Holy Ghost."..Jesus also said of Israel, How often I wanted to gather your children under my wings like a hen does her chicks, but you allowed me not...See, the Lord want to form in Israels life the formation of His greatest protection and blessings upon them BUT THEY DID NOT LET HIM. They resisted God more than they resisted the devil who was always driving them with temptations in sins of all sorts and into idolatry.
......Putting Israel aside right now, the rest of the world, their beliefs, convictions, and cultures have been mostly formed by the spirits and influences of demons and of devils of all sorts and kinds. Some demons form cultures. Some demons forms beliefs. Some demons form the way a nation or a person or a people think. Some demons form fashions. Some demonic powers form cities and lifestyles and the kingdoms of this world.. Some demons looks will scare the hell out of you. Others are as beautiful as we have ever seen.
......Some deceiving demons are liars who make false promises to trick you into serving the devil or becoming a slave to a sin. Some demons are wicked spirits, mean, vicious and brutal. Those kinds of demons seek to enter people, possess them, oppress them, torment them and make their life miserable. Like in the mad man of Gadera who had the legion of demons. Those hundreds and hundreds of evil spirits in that one man tormented that man AND THEY SHAPED A TERRITORY with their presence. They kept that man in the regions of that area amongst the grave yards and controlled that territory, forbidding anyone to pass thru that area.
......Other demonic spirits are teachers. Deceiving spirits who teach the world their doctrines. The bible calls their teachings the doctrines taught by demons.
.......Other demons are rulers of the darkness of this world. These spirits are witty demons who out wit men and keep them in the dark concerning the true things about God and Jesus Christ and redemption. These use presumption, ideas, theories, fantasies, and veils, literal veils that mens minds cannot see threw. These work along with those demons who teach doctrines, the doctrines taught by devils. All is to mislead and to deceive to snatch the soul at death.
........Other demons are evils spirits that form all sorts of temptations. They implant thoughts and show visions like Satan showed Jesus to get people to bite or buy into what they are tempting them to do. They make great swelling promises to those in the arena of their temptations that are formed in the minds of the ones they temp. They use everything in the book to bring people down
...... For instance, they know scriptures. Remember Satan also quoted scriptures as he tempted Jesus. They know the scripture that says, By the way of whorish women, men and kings are brought down to a piece of dust. They also know the scripture that the adultress will seek her prey and those that go into her are fools and they go down into the region of death and they do not return..So knowing these scriptures, the spirits of temptation and of disobedience seek whom they can devour using women or whorish men who are willing to dive into that lifestyle of sin to participate and to tempt. Right now our generation is ovewhelmed with the formations of their temptations every day for forbidden sensual sexual sins. It is everywhere. In phone calls they tempt. In messaging they tempt. On streets, at work, in bars, even in churches.The list is long and the ways so many. This worlds mishaps, this worlds darkness and heavenly misunderstandings, this worlds world of distracting pleasures, and all its ways that tempt people to sin in this way or in that way, they are all purposely constructed to by the tempter and his various kinds of demons to deceive men, women, and even children to get a temporary or an eternal advantage over them to take to hell their souls.
........Bathsheba that day naked, bathing in a place where King David was going to be that evening at that time was orchestrated by tempting demons constructing the scene. They try to do this against us every day. David fell right into the trap and oh how it cost him and his children and kingdom..So it has been for many of us who fell into the snares of their temptation situations that they daily construct against us....So much more to say on this subject...Will write more later...God is opening the eyes and removing the veils and making truths known.......deno...share freely.