Monday, May 8, 2017

The blindness is in the Mind...The pulling down of mental strongholds....deno.....share freely.

Please pray that God will help you understand this light...THEN ENTER.
........The same God, the same Spirit that is way way up there in your mind, is also or is really right here here in our hearts. What in the minds thinking seems so so far away, is only 2 feet below that thought. Spirit and spiritual blindness is in the thinking compartment. Blindness is found in the minds thoughts....Can you see how spiritual blindness is a mental thing, a mental thought that can hide from us the real truth and the real present IN US reality of Christ....? Our minds thoughts and our minds suggestions say he is FAR AWAY...Truth says He is right here inside us, right here inside our hearts the TEMPLE OF THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD.
.......The mind CAN PLAY TRICKS ON US. The mind ascends far away from the truth and makes you think Christ is far far away, yet the real truth of the matter is Christ is in your heart...Christ IN YOU the hope of glory..The mind must be renewed to the spirit of our thinking and to the truth of what Gods Word says. That is why logic and the normal course of human thought cannot be trusted about the things of the Spirit of God. These things have to be REVEALED...Our eyes have to be OPENED to them. The minds strongholds, deep wrong thinking must be OVERCOME by the grace and power of God. "Then Jesus OPENED their EYES so that they could understand the scriptures concerning HIM.".
........We must use the weapons of our warfare given us from God for the PULLING DOWN of deceiving mental strongholds. Casting down every imagination and casting down every thought and every high thing that exalts itself contrary to the Word of God and bring all our thoughts, all our thinking, and all our imaginations and every high thing that drifts our minds away, bringing them all into captivity to the obedience of Christ and to the truth of what HIS WORD says..
......Thoughts are powerful. The minds thinking can blind you of the truth and that is Satan's playground for deception. He is the ruler of the darkness of this world, of the deceptive thinking of mankind's mind. He constructs their thought processes and thinking course and has been doing so ever since he got a holt of the soul and mind and life of men. THANK YOU ADAM.. He will also try to control the course of our (our meaning the churches) THOUGHTS and THINKING about Jesus and about his words. He wants to lessen our sight of the fulness of the GOOD NEWS riches of its glory, life, fellowship, blessings and benefits and of the exceeding great and precious promises given us all IN CHRIST JESUS..
........Pray threw. Pray without ceasing...Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly. Let the Word of Christ be our thinking. Keep growing until everything we think is in line with what the Word of God says..This is a lifetime work. Keep on pressing forward.....Onward....deno.