Sunday, May 28, 2017

Abba, meaning Dad my Daddy......deno....share freely.

......The word Abba used by Paul to describe our position with God in Christ means my father, but it goes even more intimate. It is like a child that cries to his father in love and in happy fascination DADDY...Each time Jesus said the word father, Israels ears heard him saying, DADDY MY DADDY...
......Being we are Gods dear children in Christ, we too should pray and call on the Father thinking and using the same intimacy as Jesus did saying, Daddy my Daddy. God has longed for the Church to wake up to this and call Him Dad, DADDY...Only Christ and His family of redeemed brothers and sisters has this depth of intimacy with God.
......You see when we pray and say father in Jesus Name in our approach to God, using that NAME means we also are approaching God in Jesus as Christ own flesh and bone and in the glory of Christ own CHILD LIKE INTIMACY WITH THE FATHER saying to God, Dad my Daddy...This could change your perspective. It can lead us all into a greater intimacy understanding and love walk with God, even to greater confidence in our prayer life....Dad my Daddy.
......That is always what Jesus said Dad my Daddy, and in His Name as His flesh and bone we pray and our mind needs to be set in and on Christ same child like intimacy with God our Dad my Daddy..The more we call Him Dad or my Daddy, the less the enemy can play with your mind and blessed assurance...Love you friend..PEACE.....deno.