Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Thoughts and their Strongholds.....deno....share freely.

.......Thoughts are containers. They contain darkness power that blinds us and puts us in bondage, or they contain Christ light that lights up our eyes, expands our sight and sets us free. Either way they are strongholds. Either way they effect our moods.
.......What are the strongholds of our minds. Our thoughts make up our thinking. In our thoughts are we more light or darkness? More positive or negative? More sweet or more bitter? More love filled and beautiful or is our world view full of sour milk thinking where everything even the flowers to us are yuk? 
.......When you see a person coming into your eyes view whether in person or by internet, do you immediately go negative on them or positive about them? Does your mind suddenly start malicious thought gossiping about that person? Negatively judging that person and overly criticizing that person? Or does the thoughts that come from the Spirit and Mind Christ come to your mind?
......God is Love, perfect love. Love is a Spirit. The Spirit of God has a mind. That mind is called the mind of Christ. Christ mind is made up of many thoughts and thinking. Christ thoughts and his minds thinking everyday is filled with Lovely thoughts and the thinking of perfect love. Christ minds thoughts and thinking is full of grace and truth and that which is lovely and beautiful it thinks, and what is good and mercy filled. His mind is always thinking how he can love that person, save that person, forgive that person, bless that person, get that person out of his spiritual dangers. Christ mind is always thinking thoughts on how he can help that person to overcome what he needs to overcome. Christ minds thoughts are always filled with such great love for people. It is such wonderful thinking that it is not of this world. It is the mind of paradise life and thinking far above. In Christ we are SO BLESSED. IN CHRIST we are blessed with the mind of Christ to yield to HIS LOVELY MIND and to think by.. There are no hateful, bitter, envious kind of thoughts in the Mind of Christ and because of that Jesus always is in a great mood. His joy is full everyday.....deno.