Sunday, February 15, 2015

Light That Fuels My Hope......deno.......share freely.

      First Satan stirred up the people against Christ and His Christianity, Suddenly the atmosphere of the nation became filled with hostility against Jesus and His name and cause. Many of the people couldn't understanding why all this sudden change and hate against Christ and his love and doctrine and cause. Just a few days before the crowds couldn't get enough of Jesus. They were singing and shouting praises to him up and down the street. Oh how things can change quickly. How the spiritual winds can quickly change direction in a nation for its good or for its bad.
       Then he had his boys crucify the Lord. From the Cross to the grave all seemed lost and looked like things were all going Satans direction and Satans sin filled way in the land of Israel. But hang on a minute the Holy Ghost whispers,  never judge a book or a situation by its cover or by how things presently look or by what things seem to be, especially when you are talking about and dealing with our glorious and wonderful Holy Heavenly Father, Almighty God. He can turn things back around over night EVEN IN A SECOND, EVEN IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE.
       In just Three days God fixed Jesus and the disciples whole life and situation and even the course of the world thru the glory and power that is all ours in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and that is fully given us thru his far above all exaltation that fills up HIS NAME. All that FAR ABOVE all in power, glory, and in honor that fills up Jesus' Name is given to usward who believe for our believing and calling upon HIS GREATER THAN ALL NAME. 
        It is truth like this that is shining to us from above as mentioned in the previous paragraph that fuels my faith and fuels my hope for America and many nations. God always has the last Word. He is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Put Gods Word First, Put Gods Promises First on your life and situations and GODS WORDS and Gods Promises will the end result and the final fruit of your life and of your trial or situation being by our faith made subjected to the Word and Covenant Promise of God. Put the Living Scripture Promises on your circumstance and situation as was put on Jesus on the cross and in the tomb, and dogmatically believe those promises & scriptures calling upon the Name of the Lord and those scriptures concerning your situation will COME TO PASS in your situation just as they did in Christ.  No matter how dead Jesus was or that your circumstance seems to be, GODS WORD IS OVER RIDING GRACE and OVERCOMING THE WORLD POWER. Jesus stuck to his scriptures and his scriptures stuck to him in his death to his resurrection.     .........Sometimes our situation may get so bad that it looks like the three days and the three nights of Jesus dead in the tomb. But friends who believe and trust and stand on the promises of God in the battle of faith, every promise may have a sudden opposite down turn as if to seem to be dead as Jesus was dead in the tomb.....BUT EVERY PROMISE OF GOD BELIEVED IF BELIEVED UNTO THE END WILL ALWAYS HAVE A RESURRECTION END. If we will hold fast to the beginning of our confidence i the PROMISE OF GOD all the way thru faiths trails, down turn tricks of the devil and thru faiths tribulations, WE BY THE WORD OF GOD, shall see the salvation of the Lord, in the temporal ones and the Eternal one.
      A PROMISE OF GOD BELIEVED is a Thus saith the Lord Word on our situation.  Gods Living Word believed will come alive on your situation and triumph. For Christ death and resurrection power, God has given us who believe and belong to Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 1:19-20). Usually when the three days and the three nights come during our faiths trials, when it seems that the promise that we are standing on is in the three days and the three nights faith period in the grave, it is in that strong delusion most people, like the disciples and like doubting Thomas, throw in the towel of faith.
       But deno you do not know how dead this situation is or seems to be. Well Friend, UP FROM THE GRAVE JESUS AROSE BY THE PROMISES OF GOD, WITH A MIGHTY VICTORY OVER HIS FOES. Your still breathing aren't you? Can't get anymore dead than dead dead, and it was in the dead dead Gods Words and Living Scriptures PREVAILED AND Jesus Rose Again REVEALING THE REVELATION OF HOW PROMISES OF GOD WORK even when the devil has done all he can to kill them. Even when it went all the way to death itself, Gods Promises are so ALMIGHTY GOD FILLED they brought Christ back from the dead. They can bring our situations back from the gloom and doom as well BUT WE MUST MUST BELIEVE. Just no way around us drinking the cup of faith that God has commanded all of us to drink without wavering. Those who believe all the way to the finish line of the trials WIN.
       With God all things, all things, all things ARE POSSIBLE. and ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THOSE THAT BELIEVE.......deno......share freely.