Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ladies The Lord Stopped By To Say This To Us All With You On His Mind.....A Message to us all with a specific plate lunch Christ designed for our women........deno......share freely.

.......Jesus said concerning His Words and concerning the mysteries of the kingdom of God and the riches of this glorious grace given us in Christ and of His Presence, that there is not any part of Him or of those treasures hid just to be hid, as if to be just a tease to men, but to be sought after with ALL DILIGENCE and by the fire that is in that diligence, all those treasure of Christ and the riches of his presence and glory will all be discovered by the hearts of pressing and seeking people....Even as it is written in Hebrews 11:6 in the word of the Lord...vs 6) But those without faith cannot please God in any manner for it is impossible to please God without faith. Therefore he that comes to God must then first believe that God exist, Then secondly he must believe that God is a REWARDER of them who DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM. Jesus said, He and the Father will MANIFEST themselves to us.
.......Many grace years ago, the Lord told HIS PEOPLE who were wondering around in confusion and in delusions that were going on in their minds concerning things that pertained to their relationship with God, God told them why they were feeling what they were feeling and why they were going thru what they were going thru and God also gave them some fixing the problem HEALING RECOVERING LIGHT.
.......Israel, the chosen people of God, they knew they were the chosen people of God for such was evident to them thru their heritage, but somehow in the midst of that high calling and in the go go go of life they lost Gods hand and though God was there and they in His everlasting love and eyes, it was as if He was a million miles away and no where in sight and to some it seemed HE CARED NOT. They felt alone, lonely, even abandoned. They did not feel the invoked blessing (Numbers 6:22-27) of HIS FACE SHINNING UPON ISRAEL in those day. Instead of things like the blessings of the garden of their heart and souls being watered and sprinkled upon each day with the waters of Gods life, smile, and presence, life instead had become parched and so dry inside and in the land of Israel that was supposed to be yielding its delicious milk and the sweetness of its honey to them, even the land had become parched like a desert. 

.........They wondered WHAT HAPPENED? What in the world has happened to us, the chosen people of God. We were called and chosen by the Lord. We were His Own Hand Pick People. He called us to be Gods special and peculiar treasure on earth. Even His daily delight. But the called themselves sinned so much, turning themselves over and over again to pleasure, to the world, and even to other gods called Idols, that they had attained their new name called the lost sheep of the house of Israel. THE BLINDED BY SATAN.
........Well God told them what the problem was and friends most of the time its the same old thing. God told them that their sins had separated them from His favors and realities in their lives and that instead of giving Him the gold of their hearts love and devotions, they were given him the tin, in other words like the scraps or leftovers of their passions and energies. There is no way to get Gods favor, nor His presence blessings and real realities, nor His best by giving God the scraps of our lives. For the rule of the fellowship is this, give little receive little, give much receive much, and then He told them the needful word, which was their antidote to fix everything and so it is today. God told them, Repent, bring forth the fruits of repentance and Seek Me, and when you seek Me, seek Me with ALL OF YOUR HEART, it is then that you will FIND ME. Don't tease and play with God and God will not tease and play with us back. Church its time to get real with this thing. It is time for all of us to GET REAL WITH GOD.....deno......share freely.

P.S. Church there is also a grace place flowing with the finest milk and the sweetest Honey of the SPIRIT AND PRESENCE OF GOD. How much do we want of God and His Sweetest Presence on earth in the church and in our lives?....Let us repent and remember. God is the REWARDER of those who DILIGENTLY seek Him. He said, You will find Me, when you seek Me with all of your heart....Ladies, you know what the Lord is saying to you. Well do it. Do not draw mens hearts away from God. Do not call them to the forbidden things. Draw them back to God thru Christ and redeem yourselves thru spiritual birth pains as you intercede for the nations that more and more children will become BORN of GOD thru faith in Jesus Christ and His Gospel......Amen.