Monday, February 16, 2015

Abraham & Five Men With Beautiful Feet........deno.......share freely.

.....Abraham rose to the top of what God planned for him thru the forsaking of an idol religion that had no real life in it, no love of God in it, nor the power of God in it. And He walked by faith and by the obedience of faith into the life and the heritage and the riches of Gods grace and blessings for Him. Abraham believed God and Abraham served God with his faith walking. Are we walking for the Lord? Is our faith talking matching our faith walking? 
....... If we are really in faith as Abraham was we will see increase in our lives according to Abrahams faith talk and faith walk. Increase of God in our lives in the form of covenant realities, joys, presence, blessings, gifts, graces, manifestations, supply, wisdom, more supping and more communing with the Lord, more fellowship with Christ, more praise, more thanksgiving and more of the reasons for the giving of thanks, and above all things MORE OF GODS LOVE IN US.
........ Without the increase of Gods love in us and thru us (LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY HERE), without Gods love increasing in us and thru us towards others, the rest is more a deception, a cover up, a strong delusion that is deceiving us from the truth. As was some of the case we see in (Revelations 3:14-22).

.......P.S. God does make men and women to prosper and some to become even exceedingly wealthy. Abraham, King David, King Solomon and others are some examples. But each one of them financed or provided for the work of the Lord. We would all be quite surprised how many God (behind the scenes) is now and was the hidden cause and effect of many becoming wealthy on the earth throughout the centuries so that His plans and works could be financed or provided for AND PROMOTED.......Now that is 5 men with beautiful feet right there (See Romans 10:15)......deno....share freely..