Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Satan Bewitched Them and Stole Their Joy (Important Message)... He Attacked Their Liberty & Their Freedom Which We Have In Christ Jesus and Sought To Bring Them Back Under Bondage Just Like Pharaoh Did.......share freely.....deno.

......This needs to be heard....Friends you can be filled with Christ in your heart but toyed with and bewitched in your mind by the enemy that your not saved, your not good enough so you have to do more and more and more. (Galations 3:1-6). There does exist this strange but yet common conflict fighting against our peace.
...... I have known it so to be that you can spend hours upon hours seeking Gods face, interceding and praying for others and for this nation. You can offer up unto God often prayers and fastings. Be about sharing the gospel, helping others, visiting others. Helping at church in the work of the Lord and yet a strange your never good enough, or its not enough you must do more, or you could have done that better than that and on and on and on those type of things of unworthiness or short comings keep one by one back after back keep coming to your mind.
...... Well Jesus said, even just a cup of cold water, just ONE CUP given to another because they belong to the Lord God Sees and is well acceptable and promises to reward us for doing so, but even against that Satan will tell us other wise. He will tell us that is not good enough.Then the next thing you know we listen to that persuasion and we end up thinking well if i give that person 5 cups, that then will be acceptable, but that my friend is what the devil preaches to you, it is not what Jesus Preached. On cup was sufficient for the reward.

....... So then who is this, what is this other voice that always keeps whispering to us, its not good enough you must do more, or that your not good enough you must go get circumcised, or you must go do this or go do that when you are already overflowing with dedication to the Lord.
.......Friend the accuser of the brethren is often times the very rat railing shortcoming after shortcoming at our minds to bewitch us back into a back breaking, falling from grace religion of Laws that Jesus set us free from (He is seeking control, like if you be the son of God do WHAT I SAY, TURN THESE STONES INTO BREAD (he was seeking control). .......Let us Beware of this for so many believers, Satan has bewitched in their minds like he did the church of the Galations and they become what the church of Galatia became, a person, or a people, or even a church fallen from grace who fell in their redemption understanding backwards and they fell back under the Law that Jesus delivered us from with His own precious blood. The devil preached to them, Unless you men go get circumcised you will not be saved as if the blood of Jesus Christ was not good enough or did not profit them anything. Friends the devil is a liar.
.......Well under Satans control of their minds, of their religious thinking about this matter, some of them did that, they did go and they did become circumcised AND then they found out that even that was not enough so some more do's and dont's the devil added to the list and threw at them since he was now CONTROLLING THEIR MINDS (BEWITCHED) and those once freed men became slaves again to religious bundles from the - its never good enough, your never good enough preaching Satan. Read all of Galations and you will see this truth unfold..Its startling what happened. Satan stole their joy and deceived and bewitched them in their minds back into religious bondage and slavery.....Usually these same preyed upon people seldom find the good in anything or in any one else including themselves. But friends Jesus can make you free again and restore unto you the joy of his salvation. Galations 5:1-8)......deno.....learn and share freely