Monday, February 16, 2015

Sorry Friend, God Is Not Prejudice.......deno......share freely.

......God is Not Prejudice.....Galations 3:26-28) vs 26) For you are all children of God BY FAITH in Jesus Christ. 27) For as many of you that have been baptized into Christ, HAVE PUT ON Christ (Meaning Christ Jesus is their belonging and their identification and their all in all). 28) IN THIS TRUTH In Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek differences or gentile, there is no difference between the slave or the free. It also says that God in His love is so NOT PREJUDICE that even male and female are equal and the same because for all these mentioned in this scripture, CHRIST is now their EVERYTHING. All are equally loved and all are equally the same. Jesus said if I be lifted up I will draw ALL MEN, (People of all nations and nationalities) unto Me.
.......In Christ, our new born again NEW CREATURE identification in part is that we are Christ Body, His Flesh and Bone. Therefore as for as flesh is concerned I AM and YOU ARE one and the same flesh of the SAME BODY of the SAME ONE and His Name is Jesus Christ who is our EVERYTHING.
......In Christ and in His love there is not one prejudice bone in him or we could say IN HIS BODY. Is there one in you? Sorry if this truth offends you, but I'm obligated by the love of God and by the love of the truth that the blood of Christ speaks to write THE REDEMPTION TRUTH and that redemption truth we all find in John 17:23....Jesus praying to the Father prayed, and Father that THE WORLD will come to know that You love them even as You love Me (The Same).
....... God is color blind so to speak but He is sure not heart blind. He said if you claim to believe and belong to Christ but hate others and show partiality between people, evil is at work in you and your not in the light of the truth though your deceived to think that you are. (1 John 2:9-11) What does the voice of the love in your heart speak about such things?...So we write, check yourself to see if you are really in the saving faith truth. For Jesus said to those religious people that opposed his love message, he said, I KNOW THAT THE LOVE OF THE FATHER IS NOT IN YOU....share freely......deno.