Monday, February 16, 2015

Those 3 Hard Pressing Sins.....share freely.....deno

       Divorce, the redefining of what marriage is, and the pride of life are three sins pressing hard and down on America. Sin, our sins are above all past history. Sodom and Gomorah did not know the Lord, nor were they ever preached one gospel sermon and yet God judged those people for all their strange flesh activity. America was founded on the Word of God. America has been enriched by the gospel of Jesus Christ from even its conception and for centuries America joyfully kissed and embraced by faith the Son of God...... And now, now here we are all these years later treading upon the One and the power and the grace that birthed our nation, God. All because people have decided to love darkness more than light and they have cast off and away our nations first love, Jesus The Word Of God.....Bring us back home God. With all our hearts love bring us back home to You in Jesus Name.......share freely.