Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Christ made it to their minds but they blocked him from entering their hearts.....share freely.....deno.

.......When Christ is part of your mental culture but not a part of your heart, such fits these words of Jesus..."But Lord they will say, you taught in our streets, and we saw you preaching in our cities, and we heard you in our synagogues...But Jesus said, to some of them I will say...I never knew you, you must leave my presence. Into outer darkness they will be cast".
.......Going to church on a few holy days of the year, listening to a priest or a preacher occasionally but living life all your way and not as a servant of the Lord can have unwanted consequence. Christ must be in your heart and not just in your head. Not just in your mental culture, your occasional thought life, or in your occasional awareness.
.......Jesus warned us that there is a deceptive worship and believe me, Satan is promoting it. Jesus revealed the deceptive worship in these words..He said, these people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me. In vain do they worship me. He said their doctrines are from men, not from God.
.......I love you friend...Love you enough to share with you the truth...Give your heart to Christ...Ask Jesus to save you. He died for your sins punishment and rose again to assure us of our salvation thru him...Ask Christ to come into your heart. Fill you with His grace and Spirit. Save you from your sins and teach you to live as he wants you to....Amen.