Thursday, May 4, 2017

Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the Law.....deno.

Law verses Grace...A revealing light is shinning...PRAY FOR UNDERSTANDING BEFORE YOU ENTER...deno.
.......That which gave the Mosaic Law its power over the people under that Law was the fact that it (THOSE LAWS) were COVENANT TERMS and RULES with attached consequences. If the members of the covenant obeyed the terms they became exceedingly blessed as Deuteronomy 28:1-14 reveals. But disobey those terms, those commandments and you got hit with the curses mentioned in the covenant agreement as revealed also in Deuteronomy 28:15-68....But here is the wisdom of God in redemption... Remove that covenant, abolish its terms or commandments and when you do that then the strength of the transgression (SIN) is made void or powerless over the people and the transgressions (sins) themselves are dissolved. For sin is the transgression of the Law or the transgressions of the terms of the covenant. But where there is not law sin is not imputed or there is no transgression. Friends that is Gods redemption wisdom.
......This mentioned above is where Paul got the revelation wisdom of 1 Cor 15:56...He wrote..The sting of death is sin and THE STRENGTH OF SIN IS THE LAW (meaning the strength of sin is the terms of the covenant that gives sin its reality and power and its cursing power over the people that disobey them?... And when we say terms of the covenant we mean all the 600 plus commandments found in the Law God gave to Moses.
.......The Law was not just a law or just a set of powerless rules, it was the terms of that empowered binding covenant or agreement between the parties involved which was God and Israel. If you obeyed those laws, those terms of the covenant had injected powerful blessings attached to them by Gods glory to bless beyond measure the obedient ones ON EARTH, but it also had by the injected power of a swearing God devastating curses that could make life most miserable if you transgressed against the covenant terms.
.......Well Israel nor you or I could keep those terms of that old covenant to the high demand level it demanded which was perfection (James 2:10). As it is written, Cursed is every soul that is not faithful to do all the laws, the terms of this covenant.
.......Due to the weakness of our common sinful nature and due to the wickedness in our hearts, we had spots of transgressions and blemishes of lack of obeying those commandments, those covenant terms all over the place. So God, in his mercy and love, he made diverse atonement's for our covenant transgressions of the terms of that old covenant. God injected covenant mercies to rescue us, spare us, and to save us from our sins which were our covenant transgressions. God did this sparring and saving by the blood of bulls and of goats and of the heifers etc, outpoured until the final sacrifice would come which was Christ who by the sacrifice of himself he would put away the power of our sins and the power of sin itself which was the Law. Remove the Law and the transgressions under the Law are gone away with it. That my friends is REDEMPTION. It is the wisdom of God in the Cross of Christ. Christ on the Cross was going after the dissolving of that Law to kill it so that its power over his covenant people could be broken off them. The stronger member of the covenant came down from heaven to go to the cross for the transgressions of His People to bear their sins, the sins of the weaker vessel. Christ and him crucified was a mighty covenant Sacrifice. For the covenant transgressions of His people Jesus was stricken. Christ took the curse of their covenant transgressions into himself by becoming cursed for them on the tree. By his stripes they were covenant healed.
.......Here is Gods wisdom...We now know that the strength of sin is the Law. The Law was the terms of the empowered covenant that was able to bless richly the faithful ones or to curse horribly the transgressors, and it is worth noting that the transgressions of Gods people under the Law or under the old covenant was MANY...But listen to the wisdom of God in Christ..Romans 4:15) The law, which was the 600 plus commandments or terms of the old covenant, it worked wrath. Why? The BAR was to high. The bar was sin not at all, not even one time or you are under the curse (James 2:10). No soul could do that, not one of us but that was the Bar. But get a holt of this redemption wisdom light that we find in Romans 4:15...But where there is no laws or no terms of a covenant which gives transgression their power, remove those laws and THERE IS NO ACCOUNTED TRANSGRESSION because that old covenant terms no longer exist and therefore transgressions power over the people is dissolved. For the strength of sin is the Law, the terms of the covenant, BUT WHERE THERE IS NO LAW THERE IS NO TRANSGRESSION....
......But just how do you undo or get rid of that old covenant that the people be spared and the curses upon them removed?. You have to kill it. You have to destroy that old covenant with all its power to bless and to curse. You have to abolish its ordinances and commandments which are the terms of the covenant. Do that, and the people ARE MADE FREE....Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the old covenant by the sacrifice of himself. When he abolishes that old covenant and strips it of its power by the sacrifice of himself, all the transgressions made under that covenant by the people are all removed and TAKEN AWAY...That is how Christ took away the sins of Israel and of the whole world. By the sacrifice of himself Jesus destroyed Adams first covenant Law of sin and death and all the laws, all the terms of the old covenant given to us from God thru Moses. And you resurrect a New One...Behold Jesus said..My Blood is the blood of the NEW COVENANT...The New Covenant is Born of God in Christ and born of God in Christ are all the New Covenant Members. If you are not Born of God in Christ you are not a member of the New Covenant.
.....We find this happening in Ephesians 2:15 concerning the power of the sacrifice of Christ...We read that Jesus abolished in his flesh (in the sacrifice of his flesh unto death) all the friction and enmity that was in the old covenant. He even abolished the LAW OF COMMANDMENTS which were the terms of the old covenant ordinances...In Colossians 2:14 Paul speaks on this some more saying...Jesus blotted out the handwriting of ordinances (Covenant terms and transgressions) that were mounted up against us, which were contrary to us and Jesus took all of that out of the way NAILING THEM ALL TO DEATH TO HIS CROSS..
.......When Jesus the Lord from heaven, WHICH WAS HIMSELF THE LAW GIVER and maker of the terms of the old covenant) when he THE LAW GIVER tasted death, the Law, meaning all the terms of the old covenant was killed along with him. And when Christ rose again from the dead unto newness of life, even so the terms of the NEW COVENANT which is established upon better promises and better tender mercies, and greater compassion and a greater infilling and fellowship with God was also erected and ESTABLISHED.
.....Brethren, because the old covenant has been abolished and killed by the powerful death of the Law giver himself, we are no longer under the Law but under grace. Law was the old way, grace thru faith in Christ is now the New..Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the Law...We are no longer under the Law for Jesus killed it. Its power is only in the mind that is still blind to what Christ did for us on the Cross...We are not longer under the Law but under grace RISEN WITH CHRIST TO WALK IN NEWNESS OF SPIRIT AND OF LIFE IN THE FAITH WALK OF THE NEW COVENANT of tender mercies and incredible promises to them that believe and obey Christ....Amen ....deno.....share freely.