Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My personal defense of the Cross of Christ and its power to save unto the end.......deno

I'll say it again to all the opposers of the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ.
        Jesus would not be seated at the Fathers right hand in the throne of God if God was not satisfied with the sufferings and sacrifices of His Son. His Son Jesus Christ thru the blood of His Cross paid the price to save us from our sins and from all our unloving uncaring acts. Jesus would still be on this earth being abused and bruised if God was not fully satisfied.
        In the fact that Jesus is SEATED now at the Fathers right hand upon the highest throne tells us God is making a HUGE REDEMPTION STATEMENT...By sitting Jesus down at His own right hand after he raised His Son from the dead, God is signifying to us all that He is certainly satisfied and pleased with all the horror that His Son went threw to redeem us and to save us from sin and from the wrath to come. You may not be satisfied with the sufferings of Jesus but the Father is and God is Boss. No one is above His Authority and Say So. All my trust is in the the revelation and the fact that the Father is SATISFIED with the sufferings and Cross of His Son and I have my faith in the blood of the PASSOVER LAMB JESUS CHRIST. The blood of the Passover lamb worked for Moses and all of Israel that night and that Passover preached about Christ and the power of HIS BLOOD to come that we are commanded to trust and put our confidence in..
        Since therefor God is himself satisfied with the punishment and sufferings Jesus endured for our sins as to sit him down right next to him in glory, who are we to belittle Christ sacrifice as to say there is not enough power in the Cross of Christ to put all our faith and trust in and to save and redeem us?....Shame on your belittling the ultimate sacrifice and its Power to save...GET REAL.
        In Christ, Immanuel which means God With Us, God tasted death for every man to bring many sons and daughters unto glory, so saith the scriptures....That taste of death by God is most powerful in reconciling us unto God power and most sweet to make peace for us with God when you understand its purpose thru the power of the Spirit of God that unveils light and reveals all redemption knowledge and understanding..How dare any Jew or Gentile say that that great sacrifice is weak and lacks power to save or to reconciling....Grace thru Faith and that not of ourselves it is THE GIFT OF GOD.
.......I will always defend the Cross of Christ as THE WAY...THE WAY TO SALVATION...THE WAY TO ETERNAL LIFE.....THE WAY TO CHANGE OF HEART and LIFE....Therein is the POWER OF GOD and from there was made the great purchase from which flows all the power and gifts of grace from God to save, to infill, and to change hearts and lives.....deno.....share freely.