Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Beauty and the Glory of our days and of our nights, and of our life, living, and being....deno....share freely

......The Beauty and the Glory and the Joy of our days, and of our nights, and of our life, living, and being is Jehovah, The Mighty God, The Great I Am, The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, The Lord of Glory, The Lord of Heaven, The Lord Our Redeemer, The God of Our Salvation, The Lord our Wisdom, The Lord our Righteousness, The Lord our Strength, The Lord of Life Everlasting, The Eternal God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace, Abounding grace and peace multiplied. The love of God. The joy of the Lord. Christian unity and oneness. The word of the living God. The word of His grace that upholds us. The living GOOD NEWS in Christ. The gifts of the Holy Ghost. The truth that sets men free. The Anointing of the Holy Ghost and Power. The work of faith with power that magnifies and glorifies the Name of Jesus Christ. The riches of His grace and the presence of God that gives us fulness of Joy. The glory of the Lord. The heavenly latter rain. The precious fruit of the earth that God has patiently been waiting for. The Lord our Sanctifier and the God of our Sanctification in Christ Jesus.
.......The Beauty and the Glory and the Joy of our days and of our nights and of our life, living, and being is the Lord our Creator, The Lord our Designer and our Maker, The Intercessions of Christ and His Anointing, The Wisdom of God, The Living Word of God, The Great Counselor, The Spirit of the Lord, The Anointing of the Oil of Gladness, The Good News of Jesus Christ, The Angels glad tidings of great Joy. The Good Things Christ blood, death and resurrection speaks, The Wonderful God, The Holy One of Israel, The God of Abraham, Issac and of Jacob. The God of Moses, Joshua, King David, Solomon, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Elijah. The God who raised our Lord and Savior Jesus the Anointed One from the dead. The God of St. Peter, John, Paul, Matthew and of all the Apostles.
.......The Beauty and the Glory and the Joy of our days, and of our nights, and of our Life, Living, and Being is Holy Holy Holy the Lord God Almighty. The Lord our Savior. The so great a salvation. The Works of the Father. The King of Israel. The King of kings and the Lord of lords. The Lord of Pure Light and the Greatest Love. The Lord our Deliverer, The God that Saves and heals and makes us whole forever. The Lord our Way, our Truth and The Lord our life and marvelous bright and shining Light. The Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins punishment and rose again for our living hope and justification is the beauty and the glory and the Joy of our days and of our nights and of our life, living and being forevermore in Jesus Name. The Blessing of the Lord.....Amen & Amen.

........Make this one like your daily pledge of allegiance. If we all as Christians and as Americans made this our daily praise like our pledge of praise and allegiance, in time the whole nation would be full of Gods presence and glory. It starts as a small seed and ends up bigger than all trees in the land. But not without resistance and not without persecutions. The enemy will scream against this prayer and its birth pains will be felt, but oh how precious and deliciously sweet the fruit once it arrives......See and Read Mark 4:26-32.......SHARE FREELY.