Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Repent & Believe The Message Of His Cross......deno.......share freely.

       He loved us to warn us. He preached to us judgement and the need for Christ for the forgiveness of sins. He preached that there was healing at the cross of Christ and free justification for everyone in Christ resurrection, received in all who believe. That men need to humble themselves and repent and to turn from their wicked ways. He told us, the world was evil but God still loves us and still wills us good if only the nations would all humble themselves in repentance and meet God at the Cross of His Son Jesus Christ.
       Evidently these below listened to a different sort of a preacher, a non peace maker. A wolf in sheeps clothing. Satan transformed as a messenger of light only to spread division and evil. Wonder what is the message of the words to the beat they listen to. Could it be Love one another? Evidently many still haven't heard the TRUE MESSAGE. Or maybe they heard but refused to heed or believe as to make a difference in their life and conduct. Maybe the message went cross grain with the lust they daily chased to gratify in all forms of sin and wrong.
       Those were violent times in the days of Noah. Sin and hardness of heart was every where to the four corners of the earth. Men were proud, arrogant, self serving, sinful, uncaring, and roamed as beast without restraint or shame. They had no honor of life. No decency of thought. They defied God, His message and authority. Their hearts looked for reasons and for open doors and for excuses to express the beast and the bad and the shallowness of thought that roamed within them. Their hearts, the bible says, was set to do evil continuously.
       God rose up in His disgust of their behavior and His wrath He poured out from heaven and rained out His judgments upon them in the great flood. Then afterwards using Moses, God gave the Law of Commandments contained in ordinances to restrain the evil beast in man. Then after the reign of the Law that showed us all how guilty we all are before God, God then sent His Son to the Cross to save us from our guilt and from our sins by repentance and by faith in Christ blood, death, and resurrection. After Jesus rose from the dead and went back up into heaven and sat back down in the Throne with His Father, He and the Father ceased from their redemption labors. No other message will come from heaven. No other Cross will Christ have to endure. All that is left now is the clock of His grace ticking down the finals seconds. Please, cries the Spirit. Repent and believe and turn from evil lest your pride drown you with eternal perdition. It is not to late. Repent and believe the Message of His Cross......deno......share freely.