Monday, November 24, 2014

More Of The Spirit Of The Lord......deno......share feely.

      If you will stop wrestling for peoples attention and wrestle only for Gods attention, you will find yourself in the path of the blessings of the Lord and in the path of the life lived where you continuously are experiencing God honoring you. 
        Jesus said in the book of John that those that God exalts, and those that God draws near and gets involved and promotes are the ones that seek the honor and attention and praise not from people, but from God only. Jesus lived exactly this way. He lived each day to please God his Father only to receive Gods attention and praise and honor ONLY and God the Father honored Jesus for that devotion to Him, giving Jesus His Presence and Spirit without measure performing his every prayer for the people. 
      Do you remember what Gods Spirit did and His Spirit accomplished in the Beginning when He moved over the face of the deep? The whole creation came forth. Just think what could happen in your life with more of the grace and Spirit of the Lord working for you, in you, with you, thru you, and not against you every day. Imagine the life where God is HONORING YOU every day, every where you go. Well lets do as Jesus did. Learn to live for Gods attention and praise and honor only. It is so worth the life of living sacrifices.....
      The More of the Lord Spirit and the less of us equals blessings abundant and joy and happiness truly made full. A truly fulfilled life in Christ.....deno.....share freely.