Monday, November 24, 2014

Please Join In Prayer For Oprah Winfrey.....We all love her....Lets lift her up in prayer that her eyes will be re-opened and she returns to the Lord......deno......share freely.

        The Word of truth, the scriptures foretold us that in the latter times these words would be fulfilled.."And some will depart from the truth giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of misleading demonic spirits"....Satan smiles and Lucifer always looks like he is having a great time as he preaches his lies pulling people off and away from the Cross of our redemption....This is very sad what has happened to our beautiful and precious Oprah. But that is why it is so dangerous to go to church not having the true connecting Holy Spirit that causes the heart and its faith to cleave to Christ and Him crucified and risen from dead. My sheep hear MY VOICE and they do follow Me and another's Voice they will not follow.
     When one tries to say God is everything to all people depending on their own individual path, so all paths lead to God, that is MODERN IDOLATRY....It is a new cover for idols and false paths everywhere. Follow yourself and yourself shall be your guiding light to God after all life teaches us that self is always right and self is never wrong. Right? No. SO WRONG. How many times in life in different matters or equations have ourselves thought we were Oh SO RIGHT even as to swear by it, only to find out later on HOW WRONG WE REALLY WERE? How can lies be right? They can't. This to you is your god and way. That other thing to him is his path and god. All paths lead to the same ONE AND THE SAME END....SO WRONG. 
       Even Jesus and the Word of God says so. One scripture, There are many ways that seems right to a man but the end thereof is destruction... Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. NO ONE comes unto the Father but thru Me. Jesus knew that his Cross would be the saving launching platform for all thereby by faith, could ASCEND UNTO GOD. He said, Narrow is the way that leads to life but few find it and few enter in. Broad and wide is the way that leads to destruction and the many go down that path. It is also written, Be not wise in you own thinking. Fear the Lord, repent and depart from evil and run from the things of darkness that deceive and blind men unto eternal ruin.
......New Age Idolatry says there are many paths to God, many ways to God. No specific way. That is unanchored souls making up THEIR OWN RULES by what they think and by what they see and perceive of people all around the world are doing, instead of getting their information from the Spirit of the Lord. Jesus told the disciples and he told us to go into ALL THE WORLD in the midst of all those beliefs and PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THEM, the Word of THE TRUTH..

      But if you do not have the Spirit of the Lord, you can more easily believe lies and deceptions and be led astray (2 Thessalonians 2:1-13) and fall right into the devils ear tickling snare.....
Folks, even to preach for one to forget the Cross and go back to the law of commandments given to Moses and do them for that is your salvation, EVEN THAT TO CHRIST IS NOW IDOLATRY. It is false and not right and it was God who gave the tablets but for to lead us to the need for Jesus Christ  and Him Crucified. How much more Oprahs' New Age Anything Goes Doctrines God will not accept........deno.......CLICK BELOW TO WATCH VIDEO.

Oprah Winfrey openly denied Jesus Christ the Only Savior.
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