Monday, November 24, 2014

The Scroll of Gods Promises......deno......share freely.

      The truth of the matter is the situation was every bit dead, and completely in the natural IMPOSSIBLE TO CHANGE. Lazarus Was Dead and now his body was stinking. So the situation was dead, and the situation stunk. Have you ever been in a situation much like that? The situation looks impossible to fix and YOU SAY, this sure does stink?
       Jesus, Lazarus is dead, said the people. Jesus he stinks, said the woman. So many times WE SAY the problems. So many times WE SAY how the situation stinks that we are in or how dead it all looks or seems to be.
       Complaining is not praying, AT ALL. There is NO FAITH or HOPE in the spirit of griping, murmurings, or in complaining. We need to quit scrolling down the list of the problems and of the reasons to gripe and complain, and switch that list out with a SCROLL OF THE PROMISES OF GOD concerning our situations and pray and confess them before God in the spirit of faith and of hope, believing in the love God had for us and face those challenges and those mountains in the Name and Word of the Lord. 
      As the children of God in Christ, there is no victory, nor a triumph without a Word or Promise of God prayed, called upon, hoped in, and believed.......deno.......share freely.