Monday, November 24, 2014

The Saying GLory of God. And God Said and It Was So.......deno......share freely.

     And God Said, And it was So....And God Said, And it was So.....And God said, And it was So.

   And God created Man in His own Image. In the Image of God created He him, male and female create He them.

   And Mary said of Jesus, "Whatever He SAYS to you, Do it. For Mary learned and knew that what Jesus would SAY, It Was So.

   The People said of Jesus, His Word was with power. They saw and learned that What Jesus said, It Was So.

   The disciples said of Jesus after he said to the storm, Peace Be Still and after that SAYING the storm immediately ceased, they said. What kind of man is this that even the winds and the seas obey what HE SAYS. What Jesus said, It Was So.

    Cast your NET on the other side, Jesus said to the disciples and they did as HE SAID, and they caught the biggest catch of fish because what Jesus Says, Is Was So.

    Go fishing, Jesus said to Peter, And the first fish you catch look into it's mouth and there in that fishes mouth will be a coin. Take that coin and go pay our taxes. Peter did what Jesus SAID to him. He caught his first fish and SURE ENOUGH what Jesus Said, It Was SO.....there was that coin in that fishes mouth.

    Speak the Word only said the Centurion to Jesus and my servant shall be healed. Jesus SPOKE and What Jesus Said, Is what was So. The Centurions servant was healed.

    Jesus SAID to the dead little girl. Daughter, I SAY UNTO YOU ARISE, and her spirit returned to her AND IT WAS SO. She was raised from the dead.

    Master the fig tree that you SPOKE that curse to, it has withered  up from the root. For what Jesus SAID, It Was So.

    And Jesus commanded of the demons to shut up and be silent and He SAID come out of him AND WHAT JESUS SAID, Again IT WAS SO.

     The blind man said, Lord that I might receive my sight. And JESUS SAID, Go your way in peace, Your faith has made you whole. And the bible says IMMEDIATELY the blind man received his sight for what JESUS SAYS, IT IS SO.

     And the man with leprosy came to Jesus and said, Lord, if you will You can make me clean. And Jesus SAID back to him, I Am willing, Be Clean, and the man was cured of that awful disease, for what JESUS SAID, IT WAS SO.

     Then Jesus arrived to the tomb of Lazarus who had been dead for four days. The peoples eyes were fastened on the Lord and  wondered would He use HIS SAYING GLORY in this situation? They had seen Jesus' SAYING GLORY many times before. Could it now work in this dead situation also even after a man had been dead for four days? 
    Well visiting that village was the I AM THAT I AM. I Am the resurrection and the life. He that believes in Me though he were dead yet shall he live. Jesus pointed HIS TONGUE, HIS SAYING GLORY that he has had with the Father from the beginning of the creation by which SAYING GLORY He made the worlds, and He directed HIS SAYING GLORY to the situation that Lazarus was in. 
     The truth of the matter is the situation was every bit dead, and completely in the natural IMPOSSIBLE TO CHANGE. Lazarus Was Dead and now his body was stinking. So the situation was dead, and the situation stunk. Have you ever been in a situation much like that? The situation looks impossible to fix and YOU SAY, this sure does stink? 
       Jesus, Lazarus is dead, said the people. Jesus he stinks, said the woman. So many times WE SAY the problems. So many times WE SAY how the situation stinks that we are in or how dead it all looks or seems to be. Complaining is not praying, AT ALL. There is NO FAITH or HOPE in the spirit of griping, murmurings, or in complaining. We need to quit scrolling down the list of the problems and of the reasons to gripe and complain, and switch that list out with a SCROLL OF THE PROMISES OF GOD concerning our situations and pray and confess them before God in the spirit of faith and of hope,  believing in the love God had for us and face those challenge and those mountains with the Name and Word of the Lord. It  is not complaining about your sin that will set you free from it. Complaining about our sins profits us nothing. It is when we CONFESS our sins unto the Lord that we receive the Words faithfulness and forgiveness and are set free from them. Jesus who is Lord is also the Word of God. The Word is Faithful to all them that confess and believe.
        Jesus knew the situation of Lazarus to the natural power and means was dead. But Jesus came down from heaven. Jesus came down from the throne he shared with the Father. Jesus was anointed with the Holy Ghost and with Power. Jesus served us and ministered to the people in the POWER OF THE SPIRIT. In The Beginning THE POWER OF His Eternal Spirit had moved upon the face of the deep in a face off with the darkness and God Said Let There Be Light And It Was So, And God Said And It Was SO, And God Said And It Was SO and BY HIS  SAYING GLORY WHERE "THE SECRET OF HIS SPIRITS POWER IS RELEASED" ALL THINGS WERE CREATED AND WITHOUT HIM (The Words and the Sayings of God)WAS NOTHING BROUGHT FORTH THAT WAS MADE.
        And Jesus, turned HIS SAYING GLORY towards the tomb of Lazarus where Lazarus laid dead for four days AND HE SAID, "Lazarus, Come Forth," and Lazarus Came Forth raised from the dead and every cell (The trillions and trillions of them) of his body were all perfectly restored and healed and set back into perfect complexity of function. Jesus took the Power of the Spirit with His Eternal Incredible Knowing and Understanding and Intelligence Glory in the Mix and with His  Power and  Great Knowledge Understanding Mix poured together into Lazarus situation and body and WHAT JESUS SAID, IT WAS SO. Lazarus situation was changed and Lazarus was raised from the dead by THE SAYING GLORY OF CHRIST the Lord wherein the secret of Gods Powers are released.

Now what can we learn from this SAYING GLORY of the Lord and our SAYING GLORY.....Let's read.

       Mark 11:23-24) And Jesus who the disciples were astonished of how ALL THINGS HE SAID ALL HAPPENED EVERY SINGLE TIME, Jesus said to them, Truly Truly I say unto you, If you WILL SAY unto this mountain (Your problems, Your opposers, Your Situations, Your giants that you face ) Face them off with your prayers of faith and with your words in the spirit of faith. For truly I tell you that when you pray and believe what you ask of God shall come to pass, you shall have those things; And also if you WILL SAY unto this mountain be now removed and be cast into the sea, and SHALL (as I do) believe that those things YOU SAY shall come to pass, you SHALL HAVE whatsoever YOU SAY.
       Than You Jesus for this truth, for this bread that can give us the victory in all circumstances and situations. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the WORD OF GOD. I love inclining my ears unto YOUR SAYINGS MY LORD AND MY GOD.....Lord, Blessings Abundant to all those that reads these words in Jesus Name.....deno.......share freely.