Monday, November 24, 2014

Oh That Old Snake Skin Called The Sinful Flesh. Who Can Bear It?......deno......share freely.

       Our bodies called by Paul the sinful flesh do not want to do what the Holy Spirit says and leads to do. How could it? It is sinful flesh, not holy flesh as some creatures in heaven have. The Holy Spirit says pray today for an hour. The sinful flesh RISES UP IN RESISTANCE and wants to go to sleep, or run the roads, go to a movie, or maybe shopping, or facebook all day. Anything but pray for an hour.
        The Holy Spirit says, I want you to fast for 2 days. You flesh suspects the threat to one of it's favorite delights Pizza, and it is Pizza night at your house and home. Your flesh is used to eating all the Pizza Hut it wants on family Pizza night whenever it wants so it turns on the hunger pains for Pizza and not only do you end up eating a whole Pizza yourself but you also end up eating 1 whole bucket of KFC on top of that. The power of the sinful flesh and its cravings. How many of us has the sinful flesh kept from the further blessings God has in store for them if they would only control the sinful flesh instead of the sinful flesh directing our path.
       The Holy Spirit says be still and be quiet today, and your flesh rebels and wants to thunder a lightning loud conversation out its mouth. The Holy Spirit says, don't look, don't watch, and your flesh can't get enough of the sight. The Holy Spirit says don't listen to that kind of music and the sinful flesh says GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN I'm not under Law but under grace. I can listen to, look at, and touch all I want. Sound familiar to anyone? Can any of you relate? I can. Paul the great apostle himself could. Read Romans 7:7-25. Galations  5:13-26. 1 Corinthians 9:24-27.
        Paul said, But as many as are lead by the Spirit of God (That means also as many as obey the Holy Spirit of God) they are the children of God..Lets repent and keep pressing ONWARD....Father in Jesus Name I ask that we your children in Christ will BY GRACE overcome the control the sinful flesh has had on our lives and over our walk and relationship with You and begin to please you by the Holy Spirit, in the Spirit, and thru the Spirit more abundantly..Amen......deno......share freely.