Monday, November 24, 2014

A Needful Word To All Spiritual Warriors In Christ & To All Believing American Patriots......deno......share freely.

       To all my fellow Spiritual Warriors in Christ and to all believing American Patriots, remember this. Satan was found deeply rooted in the heart and thinking of many in Israel when Jesus visited them, and he was found every where in the land of Israel where the Lord went, and even when Jesus faced the enemy face to face in confrontations, Satan did not go or leave easily nor willingly nor did any of his deeply embedded evil spirits leave without a fussing fight back. He  and his evil spirits fussed back and fought back each and every time. So knowing this truth from the scriptures, we can see that we are in for a serious resisting fight in the church and in our nation. But let us remember this. We are empowered and called to win and to walk in victory over Satan and over all the power of the enemy in a treading over fashion. Jesus called us to do this in the spirit first and then in the natural it will be realized to the celebration of the people of righteousness.
      Satan and his crowd will fuss and fight back like unto the strain of the foaming out of the mouth in their stubborn resisting of Christ and His Powers and Authority working in us to retake America, first in the spiritual in intercessions and then from there it will rise up and over flow into the natural of our nation. Only thru prayers and intercessions mixed with FASTINGS can stronger demonic rooted powers be by force taken and uprooted and cast out as Jesus said in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And only by the same prayers and fasitngs can our cups fill up with Gods graces and spiritual power and then from there overflow into the natural becoming flesh, becoming physical, becoming real in our naturals worlds arena in the land of the living on earth.  Scroll Down.
      So lets be sure to win the victory on the spiritual battle fields in the good fight of faith in prayers and intercessions all wrought in the Name of Jesus Christ, as we march on in the natural exercising our authority and political convictions in our stand for God and for righteousness and for our freedoms in America.....Have Faith In God......deno......share freely.
Deno Smith's photo.
Deno Smith's photo.