Sunday, November 23, 2014

Gods Spirit Is On to This......deno.......share freely.

     The wise know what his majesty is doing...But to use the compassion card to hide the politics is evil...But then again, it goes right along with all the rest of the dishonesty mess. 
      If this present move of the president came from a heart of real love & compassion and not from politics, he would have given this illegal aliens compassion speech, and done and said all this months and months, and years ago when he had the house and the senate and congress made up of HIS DEMOCRATIC PARTIES MEMBERS. He would have said and done all this BEFORE THE ELECTION and not just a couple of days after the BIG DEFEAT of his ideas, policies, and party. 
       The damnable truth is, How wicked can mens hearts be and how many false fronts and lies can the heart conceive and speak for gain of power sake. He is mounting up votes on the SUBLIMINAL TRAIN in hope to, in the future, make up for the difference of the distance that defeated him and them in this last most important nation saving election. The fake tears that he and his party fraudulently shed in the name of compassion on the illegal immigrants speech of his was not for love and compassion on them but for themselves and for their loss of power. The glaring truth of this matter is that all of it was slyly formed for the gain of democratic votes they are now in desperate need of now that the voter photo ID will probably be in acted as a must which will eliminate a whole lot of numbers and  voter fraud corruption that has been going on in America for the turn over of power to the left and their most unholy, anti God, non constitutional agenda to fundamentally change America.
        What he has done at this time is satanically super subtle. I mean it is as clever as the serpents on hiss and craftiness was in the first garden. The president, with his recent beneathing compassion speech to justify to the American people more of the tearing up and the breaking of the law of the Constitution concerning the illegal aliens, is to try to make all moves that come against this mood swaying compassion card speech, to be seen by the American people as a work of evil of the newly, so called by the democrats, unloving, uncaring elected Republican candidates that "We The People" seeing now thru all the democratic parties crafty schemes and scams which are many, voted to take the president and his unholy, lying, constantly deceiving alliance out of power over the nation. 
      This immigration speech of his was a lying wonder of a believable  kind of the serpents forked tongue in man. I don't know if the anti Christ himself could have said and done this any better. I will pray for our president, but I sure will not agree with what he ON PURPOSE KNOWS THAT HE IS DOING to America. Gods Spirit is on this with His exposing light and grace.....deno.