Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Message Of Hope.....Gods Greatest Blessings Rise From Anti Jesus Persecutions.......deno.......share freely.

         A Message Of Hope........In the midst of the greatest persecution against God that the world has ever heard of or seen Christ was crucified. Seen by the world as a defeat, but seen by the Christians eyes thru the Spirit, it was Gods greatest blessing to the world. The blessing of everlasting life and of the resurrection followed.
         In the midst of some of the greatest Anti Jesus movements the world has ever launched against Christ and Christians, Paul was beaten many times and imprisoned. From those wounds and from that prison cell the Spirit of the Lord rose up in Paul and from that environment God poured out another one of His greatest blessings to the church and to the world. Those blessings are the letters of Paul to the churches. What a mighty blessing that was from God to His children given right in the midst of great persecution.
          When the barrel of persecution was aimed at the beloved St. John he was exiled to an isle called Patmos away from the civilized world. and on that isle, there came the great day wherein He writes, Here exiled on the isle of Patmos for the word of the Lord and His testimony I WAS PULLED DEEP INTO THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD ON THE LORDS DAY and in the Spirit I SAW and I Heard....Church on that great blessing the church day, John wrote what he saw and heard from the Lord and from that persecution situation came to us the great blessing of the BOOK OF REVELATIONS.
         In this present atmosphere in America where there is a rise of the enemies of the Cross of Christ to persecute Christ and the Church and the Word of the Lord as to silence Christ voice and influence in America past, present, and future, we can be assured God sees, God is Aware, and God has His blessing in store...Lets believe. Lets ask. Let us be in the anticipation of faith and of real hope for HIS BLESSING to our generation. As it is written, Hope Thou In God......deno.....share freely.