Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another joke of mine.....deno......please share freely.

     One day a bible quoting preacher was about to whip his son that he raised on quoting the scriptures, into obedience shape with his belt for acting up in church and for not doing what he was told. The little boy cried out quoting the scripture, "But dad, Jesus said I will have mercy and I will abundantly pardon, REMEMBER. The preaching dad said back, Yes Jesus did say that, but JESUS ALSO SAID to spare the rod means you hate your child and you know daddy loves you son....The little boy crying at hearing those words said, Your right dad, forgive me, Jesus certainly did say THOSE WORDS to.....Then crying some more knowing what was about to happen to him he said, "Ok dad, Just please give me a moment here, in this what is now my own garden of Gethsemane experience like Jesus had ok? The preaching dad being amused at his sons cleverness stepped back and said, ok, have your moment. The little feller got down on his knees before his preaching dad and prayed. He prayed out loud saying, Lord Jesus Paul said be ye imitators of Christ so now I'm imitatin. Lord Jesus,...this is my body which is about to broken CAUSE OF YOU. Into your hands I commit my spirit........deno......please share freely.