Thursday, May 29, 2014

We All Need Each Other........deno......please share freely.

     It is written in the law of Gods love that we all need God, and that God loves our attention, love, devotion, and praise, and WE NEED EACH OTHER. If we all with unselfish hearts would really be turned to one another in heavens united love in the beauty of God, each day would be filled with heaven on earth. Every day people would be filled with praises to God instead of the sadness of this worlds me me me selfish way that causes us to look the other way....Let us remember that in the true story that Jesus taught us about the rich man and Lazarus, the supplied man looking the other way day after day when he passed by the poor man Lazarus, was in great part, why he had a reservation in hell.....REMEMBER....We cannot be sin full and selfishness filled and make it to heaven. The apostle Paul wrote that faith works by love.....deno......please share freely.