Friday, May 30, 2014

The Real Course of this World......please share freely......deno

      When Adam and Eve transgressed the commandment, they left the blessing, the life, and the comfort of the Garden of Eden, they left the presence of God and they entered, yes they entered  into the realities of their transgressions consequences, making a living in the sweat of the brow, weighed down by the sin they had committed, into the hands of a master deceiver and his manifold trickeries, into aches and pains, into a place called the grave, into alienated from the life and power of God, into a future world that would be ruled by  greed and by the snare and trap of money, which would eventually, in the end, lead them into the arms of the crafty and clever AntiChrist, who would lead them in strong delusion into the worship of Satan as god, into a world war against the true Creator and Redeemer,  and then into hell itself which shall be thrown into the Lake of fire. This is the real course of this world by its sins and blasphemies that are now and that are soon to come. 
        But let us brethren remain in the course of Jesus' love, grace, favor, and mercy from the Cross of Christ to the Throne of the Father. Jesus came into this world to change our course. He will have the final Word. For He will destroy the AntiChrist with the brightness of His coming when He returns in the great power and glory of His Father to put all enemies under His feet and to adorn His Church with the full fruits of our so great a salvation that we have in Him. For us in Him it is Victory . For us in Him we have His full triumph over all of the powers of sin, death, hell and the grave. Thank You God. Amen......deno......please share freely.