Friday, May 30, 2014

The Little Yeast Problem Paul Preached About.......deno......please share frely.

Galations 5:9) A little yeast works its way thru the whole batch of dough.
      Sin and false doctrines tolerated will in time work their way and their effects into every area of our life and swell like yeast in dough in an harmful way hindering our fellowship with God and they will Quench the flow of the Spirit of the Lord. If tolerated, these sins and those false doctrines believed, can have such a robbing effect that we, instead of enjoying the real deal of Christ in us, we end up having only a form of godliness, an external image but not the power of Christ and of God within.
       Paul preached to the church of Galatia that they were being attacked doctrinally by the devil and that that doctrine, that persuasion, was not of God (Galations 5:1-12). The church at Corinth had a member of it's church having forbidden relations with his fathers wife, his step mother and it had come to light by the light and Paul said if you tolerate this, that sin with that spirit could end up ALSO working it's yeast, it's poison into the whole body and this kind of behavior will break out every where, YES even in the church. This is a major problem in today's church, fornication and adulteries, plus false inspirations & doctrines.
        Church, tolerating sin and false doctrines is extremely dangerous to us all. They effect us personally, bodily, both now and eternally. Paul said to the church of Galatia that were being taught the false doctrine of you men must be circumcised or you cannot be saved, that believing and obeying that false doctrine that it was necessary to be circumcised and keep the whole Law of Moses or you want be saved, IF THEY WERE CONVINCED YOU HAD TO AS TO FULLY BELIEVE IT SO TO GO AND BE CIRCUMCISED BELIEVING IT WOULD SAVE YOU, THEY WOULD FALL FROM GRACE AND THAT ALL THE SACRIFICE OF CHRIST AND HIS BLOODS POWER WOULD PROFIT THEM NOTHING (Galations 5:1-4). That was the power of THAT PARTICULAR FALSE DOCTRINE.
        Friends also, if we believe but never repent of our sins and do not ask God to forgive our sins, we are deceived and under a false light. We are at a loss instead of GREAT GAIN. You see Satan knows God. Satan knows and believes Jesus is the Son of God. They cried when Jesus was on earth, "What have you to do with us Jesus thou Son of the Most High God, have you come to torment us before the time. I know who you are. The Holy One of God." But these same evil hearted, evil spirits REFUSE TO REPENT. In every place that we hear them speak in the new testament we never once hear them ask Jesus to please forgive us. NOT ONCE.
        Even so there is a people who say they believe and say they know the Lord and we hope they do. But some say and do not. Some they say yes I believe and know Jesus, but they like Satan and the evil spirits, refuse to repent of their sins and iniquities and ask for no forgiveness. When they stand before the Lord they will be put in the pews and dry places of lasting judgements where the Lord will say, These people honored Me with their lips but the truth of the matter is their heart and their love was far from Me. Friends that is scripture.
      Now we know we all have or have had our issues and problems with sin and in sin. We are not blind to this. But we in whom Christ really dwells have the echoes of holy conviction in our hearts from Gods Holy Image and Spirit and from our new born spirits righteous conscience, we ask God to forgive us and we repent. Some of us even need His help to repent. He will help us for Holiness is in the commandment in both the shadow of the Old and in the light of the New.
       When we all realize how sinful we are and that realization loads us down with guilt and shame, and some one comes and  preaches the Cross of Christ to us and His resurrection, when faith is present we are happy to hear that good news. We believe in the love God has for us and call upon His Name unto Salvation and such is right and good. But just as the devil came to Jesus when he heard the voice say, This is My beloved Son, even so the devil comes to us the aged saints or the NEW BORN as he always will, and thru even friends, family members, strangers, or other misled people that say they believe,  they come and hook up with you and the next thing you know your persuaded to believe that it is ok as believers to still be involved in drunken parties of wine and drugs, and orgies, and fornication, and foul unholy speech, and other sinful pleasures. Friends this is not of the Spirit of Him that called you out of sin into His marvelous light. It is the devil roaming about trying to devour your understanding with his deceptive sensual chatter for your downfall and ruin. I personally learned a lot of this the hard way. 
      False doctrines and false persuasions are like the black widows spider web. If you fall into the webs trap, someone is happy and is coming and it sure is not God. As it is written, Go and sin no more lest a worse thing come upon you. Also it is written, When angry SIN NOT. Do not give place to the devil.
       When Satan comes against you, He will tell you things like, Your only human and to sin is only human. So you need not to repent but only to believe and all will be well with you. He will say, You were altogether born in sin like the rest of the world. God understands this. So there is no need to stop this sin after all, It is written, you are saved by grace and not by works. And thousands of other similar words he will say to persuade you to believe and then obey his lie into sin and disobedience and unto loss to rob you of the GREAT GAIN and MORE ABUNDANT LIFE that Christ came to give you in the beauty of holiness.
      In closing let us remember that in the garden of Eden we plainly see and hear the persuading voice and whisper of the devil. When God told Adam & Eve that sin would cost them  much, Satan lied to them and said that it would not. Well, I ask you, Who told the truth? Was it the Spirit of God or the spirit of the lying one?  Hell is full of the answer.
       Let us all repent and believe the gospel of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ. The Cross of Christ is Gods love for us displayed. And repentance, living  holy and believing and obeying God is the display of our love for God. Moses cried, Who is on the Lords side? Jesus said in John 14:21) If a person really loves Me, he will believe and obey My Words and My Father will love him and We will come and make our home in him......deno......please share freely.