Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Motives of our heart shall be revealed......deno.....please share freely

      When you feel discouraged remember that is all a apart of the devils schemes. His hope is that those dreary thoughts and feelings will cause you to lose faith and smother out your hope. 
      Just as we will all one day die if the Lord tarries, even so all who believe will face situations of discouragements and by them we are tested and tempted to cast away our hope.  But when those test and temptations come the real motives of our hearts are revealed. When love is our motive we will endure for love endures all things. But if our motives in our walk or in our work are from selfishness, and vain glory, then when the discouragements come we crumble and often times fall back into the world. 
        So how can we know the motive of our hearts? These may help. Do you prefer others before yourself or do you crave the attention? Do you help others fulfill their calling? Do you have to shine in others eyes and if not are you dissatisfied and grieved? Do you eat the last piece of bread before your children, or before your brother or sister? Do you let others cry in hunger when your stomach is stretched beyond measure? Do you cut the preacher off so you can feel free to do the things you love to do? Does Gods Word rub you wrong? Do you have a hundred pair of shoes and never cloth a needy person? Is Lazarus begging for your crumbs and you just walk on by to the concert hall? Do you help others and strangers as the good Samaritan did or does other peoples tough condition and wounds touch you not? Do you feed others the gospel? Jesus said, Peter do you love Me? Then Feed My Sheep. 
       Friends Love, Gods love feeds others Gods Manna, the Gospel and Bread of Life as well as their natural needs. Without Gods Love no man shall see God......please share freely......deno.