Saturday, May 31, 2014

Behold I Make All Things New saith the Lord.....Here is light on how He will do it in this prayer of praise.....deno

     Heavenly Father we praise You and give You thanks in Jesus Name. Amen

     Thank you Father for being the greatest Father of all. You designed and created us and all things by Jesus Christ THE WORD OF GOD and by the glorious blueprints of His Image You made us. You and Jesus Christ Your Son our Redeemer by the WORD of Your Eternal Energies and Powers that exceeds for above all that You placed in the Atom that reflects only lightly in measure Your Eternal Spirits powers, life, everlasting energies and might, by the Word of Your Eternal Power is found the root and true foundation and origin of all things.

     Father Your Light gave birth to all light. Gods Eternal Energy gave birth to all matter and nuclear and atomic energy. Your great wisdom, knowledge and immeasurable understanding information's You poured out into the Encyclopedia of the Universe, in all of the layered heavens and the formed in layers earth, into both the micro and macro worlds. From all that is within the single cell to all that is in heavens highest complexity of heavens highest  technology that staggers the human mind and imagination, Lord You knew and understood their fulness of design and purpose before You gave the Words "Let there be light". God Your "Let There Be" is the root of all things both heavenly and physical. Oh Lord our Lord How Excellent Is Thy Name In all of Heaven and Earth. Amen.

     Dad You and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are Wonderful, Glorious, Holy, Pure, Lovely and Worthy of all our praise. Beautiful and Righteous is the God of all light who is the Light of life and the Son shining far above all created and formed light. In righteousness Your throne is established forever. The present heavens and the present earth as we know it shall pass away by the Commanding Word of the Lord, but Lord You shall remain and so shall the children of grace protected by the Vow of God in Christ. Then shall You make all things NEW. A new heaven and a new earth shall be BORN AGAIN by Jesus Christ thru Your BRAND NEW  "Let There Be Light" Life Giving Word From The Light of Light Himself who overcame for us, all the power of sin, of death, of hell, and of the grave. Christ is Risen indeed.

     And Father, because of Jesus and the redemption we have thru His blood, death, and resurrection, we the children of SO GREAT A SALVATION shall (together as One) watch and see You in the GREAT SPIN of the glory of Your Spirits Creating Powers and Eternal Energies and Awing Mights that surpass in measure far above all powers and mights, we shall watch and behold You in Your glorious Alpha mode..... Father even right now, inside Your incalculable inner deep depths and far above all heights of Your Eternal Spirit exist all the manifold wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God in already designed blue print fashion for all the New Heaven and Earth to come into being. You Lord are already pregnant for its birthing, for You have sworn to us Your dear children the oath THAT SO SHALL IT COME TO PASS. You vowed to us in covenant promise and in covenant fashion the words, BEHOLD I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW.

     Father in Your fulfillment of this mighty promise above, You shall be moving above the speeds of the lightning within YOURSELF over the face of the deep for You have ALL LIFE in YOURSELF. Your word shall go forth beyond the speeds of all lightnings and the expansion shall soon thereafter be filled with the thundering and with the substances of Your Eternal Life and Power in the great command of God and so shall we see appear THE WORD BECOMING HEAVEN, EARTH, AND PHYSICAL PLANETS, STARS, GALAXIES ANEW ONCE AGAIN. In miraculous measures and amounts beyond natural human understanding, and in  incalculable speeds filling up the darkness with the light and afterwards life, You shall fill the deep once again with Your NEW VISION AND DREAM of Creation as You promised in the New Heaven and in the New Earth that Your Word shall Birth. All this will explode out from You by the thrust of Your Divine power and force and strong determinations. Your Word that is living and powerful shall go forth out of Your mouth like seed purposely and precisely sown and dynamically positioned in the garden of the former burned elements and Your Word shall again TAKE ITS PLACE AND PRECISE  POSITIONS LIKE PURPOSE DRIVEN SCATTERED SEED. It will take root again and it will produce, grow, and prosper in the things where into You Sent It in Your LET THERE BE NEW COMMANDS which will make all things NEW as You promised us.

      Father how awesome You are in the fulness of Your Strength and Glory. Your Word shall again reveal the Power of God. Living images in both heavenly, and physical forms shall make known again Your Great Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, and the beauty of Your Mind and Spirits Imagination. Father by Jesus Christ in us THE CHURCH be GLORIFIED AND MAGNIFIED  more than all yesterdays to the praise of Jesus Christ and to the salvation of many more souls all over the world....Amen......deno.......please share freely