Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Denos Testimonies #2) Son, One Day You Will Preach The Gospel.....1 Corinthians 1:25-31.....TO GOD BE THE GLORY


After hearing the Lord speak loudly to me these three words of WATCH YOUR TONGUE, time continued and life was lived. As a young man in my upper teens I strove to hide my
miseries and keep them less public but when I was alone, oh how the pains of that depression haunted me like a tormenting nightmare.
       You see friends prior to entering into those gloomy days and prior to hearing the Lord say His three word sermon to me, I must share with you some events that transpired that seemed to stir up the bees of our enemy against me and put me on a priority list for their harassing agitation schemes and attacks.
       We had moved as a family in those days from Brooklyn New York where dad had attended a Chaplains School of some sort, to Louisiana. In our new home I was in the garage working out in the home gym and after awhile of pretending I was Arnold, I decided to go into the kitchen and get me something to drink.
       As I entered Mom and Dad were sitting at the kitchen table. Im doing my thing to get a drink when I noticed that dad and mom were looking at me strangely intently. Mom was literally staring me down so to speak. Mom had some of the most powerful eyes I have ever seen. With her eyes she could bless you, or with her eyes stare, you knew when you got home after church, Pop the pastor was going to raise the rod of correction. But this day, this stare I didn't know how to interpret so I said, "Mom, why are you staring at me like that? She replied with a response of words that I would have never dreamed that my Mom would ever say to me. (NOT TO ME) She was not a prophetess. The only thing that sticks out in my mind of mom maybe coming close to future tellings was when me and my brother or sisters acted up in church and she would look at us and say, Just wait till you get home. You knew it was on then. Mom did not play with words. If she said those words just wait till you get home, you could bank on it that a whipping from dad was going to come to pass and it did. In my case, often.
     But this day mom was going to tell me words that I would literally wrestle with. They were words that effected me like no other words up to that point of time in my life had. Those words literally roped and tied me with their power. They gripped my mind and emotions like nothing, nor no one had ever done before. Mom, I said. Why are you staring at me like that? She said with my dad sitting next to her at that kitchen table, Son, there will come a day/a time in your life when you will preach the gospel. At those words my inside world would never be the same again They gripped my heart like a ton of subjecting power poured into me. I felt their entrance and could not shake them off of me. Heaven knows how I tried.
      I took off running to my room. When I got in my room I broke down crying in fear, in wonder, in awe. How could such a thing be? Dads a preacher. Im in the 11th grade barely passingDad is smart and disciplined. Im a nut and simple. I used to watch the news when dad had it on the TV and it used to startle me when I would watch and listen to those news broadcast people just speak like to no end. That used to amaze me that they could speak like that. Like as if in their brain they had an orchestra of things to say flowing with ease. But when I looked inside my brain back then for insightful words, all  I seem to hear was one single thump on a drum. Me preach. How could this be?
    The Lord knows how I cried over those words before him. How I told him there must be a mistake here. You have the wrong guy. God Im not smart or insightful like dad. Im not disciplined like dad in studies. Dad was very wise, smart and educated. Me I was a teenage nut. A squirrel. Just loved having a good time. Though strangely on the inside I knew I had a connection with God. Even from my youth I had felt Him and His delicious presence with me. I used to often go to the park and get on a swing and as I was swinging I would stare out into heaven and I could feel His smile and I would awe back. Like there was a strange communication going on between God and me, between His Spirit and my spirit, but to put it into words I couldn't. I defined it only by the sweetness of its taste within and the name of Jesus.
       Well after telling Almighty God all the reasons why deno did not my no means qualify to preach, I left it at that, but it was done. The seeds He wanted planted in me was done and no matter what Satan would try to do against me over the upcoming days/years/decades, Gods grace would not fail and in His purposed time all things would work together for the good of them that are called by God. Called according to his purpose, not theirs........More to come....Deno....Please Share Freely