Monday, April 22, 2013


        There is God and Satan, Heaven and Hell and mankind is in the middle. We are the fish. Both of the mentioned parties are fishing everyday for your life, your heart, for your soul, for your thoughts, for your attention and interest, for your time and tongue, for your eternity.
      Satan has a WIDE variety of fishing lures, even a whole world of cultures and hobbies, games and interest, doctrines and ideas, occupations and stages, theories and philosophies, opinions and interest, false beliefs and lying wonders, movies and music, entertainments and pleasures.
      God has only one fishing lure, JUST ONE. The Cross Of Christ. It is the wisdom of God and the power of God. 

Matthew 7:14) Jesus is that narrow way.
Acts 4:12) Jesus is that only Name under heaven.
John 14:6) Jesus in that Only way.

Jesus thru the blood of his Cross absorbed into Himself the wrath and punishment that was necessary for us to have peace with God, and God gave and sent forth His signal to us and to all the world that He was fully satisfied with the sufferings of His Son when He raised His Son from the dead.....He just fished for you.....deno....please share freely