Friday, April 25, 2014

In Heavens Way And Glory.........deno.......please share freely.

     In heavens way and glory, everyone's heart is what stands out and not their outward appearance. It's a heavenly thing. Though we will have bodies, we will be far far far less body minded than we are here on earth. We will be so IN TUNED to the Spirit of  the Father and Jesus and  one another in a glorious holy heavenly Oneness connection. Our heart, our spirit will rule and reign in Christ love, joy, peace and heavenly communication glory forever....No phones in heaven.
     This present world is called evil because of it's sin, and evil ways, and wicked way of thinking. This worlds way, the lust of the sinful flesh, the lust of the eyes, the vainess of pride is not of the Father, nor of any in heaven, but of this world. In heaven our minds and our affections are forever set free from the course of this evil worlds dividing evil mindsets, lust and thinking. We shall be like Jesus in all things. The former ways and things will not be remembered, nor brought to mind again.. All this is scriptural. Seek and you shall find.....deno.