Saturday, April 26, 2014

We are not of this world......deno.....please share freely.

     The resurrection of Jesus Christ is foolish to those who are blind and perishing. But to us who are saved and know Christ is risen indeed, that convincement in our heart, that strange almost unexplainable assurance that makes us rich in all sureness about His resurrection which is our living hope, IS NOT OF THIS WORLD. IT IS FROM THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD HIMSELF THAT CALLED YOU INTO HIS LIFE AND HEAVENLY KINGDOM. Our heart is possessed by a real Alien. His Name is Jesus Christ. We are not of this world even as Jesus is not of this world.
       Then Jesus said to the disciples, but who do you say that I am?...Peter rose up and said, I say that you are the Christ, The Son of the Living God. Jesus said to Peter, Blessed are you Peter, for flesh and blood did not make you know this. It was revealed to you from the Spirit of My Father......deno.....please share freely.