Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Spirit of Repentance.......deno........please share freely.

When Gods Nation has become gripped and pinned to the pleasures of sin and worldly lust and interest in habitual form, and they live for that gratification everyday without a repentant heart, then Gods own people have gone to spiritual war with their Maker. It never went well with Israel when they did this and they did this often. It will not go well with us either if we refuse to repent and to ask forgiveness and find grace to help us out of these sinful strongholds that Satan has on this Nation and on even many of the people of God in Christ....In your heart of hearts, many of you  know how much you, and I, and this nation needs to hear and obey this light. Will we? It is our choice America........

God give us the spirit of grace and of true repentance in Jesus Name....Amen.