Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Fellowship of His Sufferings........deno.......please share freely

 Philippians 3:9-10) And be found in Jesus, not having my own righteousness which is by the Law, but having the righteousness which comes by faith in Christ; being Right with God By Faith. 10) So that I may really know Jesus (As my best friend, Lord, Savior, Big brother being we are now family), and to know the power of His resurrection, and the partaking of the blessings and benefits and the Cross that is in the fellowship of His Sufferings......     

       In all grace situations. In all grace circumstances. In all of salvation's eternal life matters. In all of the eternal redemption glory and promises. In all the things involved in life in Christ and that more abundantly. In all the blessing and in all the blessings. In all the benefits. In all communion with the Lord and with each other in Christ. In all our walk in God and He in and with us as He said He would do in the New Covenant. In all the gifts of the Lord and His abounding grace. In all the favor of the Lord and in all THE LOVE OF GOD AND CHRIST. In all gained knowledge and wisdom and spiritual understanding. In all Christian work and relationship above and upon the earth. In all the highs and in all the lows. In all the rough and in all the smooth. In all the rejoicings and in all the tears; let us never forget this truth, It is all made possible and done, and partaken of, every dot over the i of it, and by every crossing of the t of them all, ALL ARE wrought by and from THE FELLOWSHIP OF HIS SUFFERINGS. Jesus suffered all so we could have all this and Gods all as our Dad forever. Heirs of God and Joint heirs with Christ......proclaiming peace thru the blood of His Cross.....deno.....please share freely,