Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Has Your Doctrine, Conviction, & Beliefs Offended The Throne?......deno.....please share freely

The preaching and the magnifying of the Cross of Christ never offends the Throne of God. What does offend the Throne is when people exalt their works or the works of the Law given Moses above the saving & justifying power of the Cross Of Christ, God's Son. When the so called church elders or leaders at the church of Galatia began to preach that all gentile male believers had to be circumcised and had to keep the whole Law of Moses or they would not be saved, in that saying THE THRONE WAS OFFENDED. The Godhead sent Paul to address that saying and Paul warned them that if they believed that false doctrine and did those things under that conviction, that they had FALLEN FROM GRACE and that all the power in the Cross of Christ would profit them nothing. That, my friend, is a terrible position to be in (Galations 5:1-8)...Has your doctrine offended The Throne????