Friday, April 25, 2014

Gospel means, "GOOD NEWS".....deno......please share freely

    Gospel means. "GOOD NEWS" glad tidings of great joy. Jesus said," These things I have spoken unto you so that  MY GLADNESS could be in you, and so that YOUR JOY could be made full". Jesus is rich and full of GOOD NEWS. Come now, let's together read all about it....
    Paul's revelations (letters) were for that great light (THE GOOD NEWS) to be shed abroad to and for us. The Light of the GOOD NEWS. If our heart is really full of or more filled with the glorious light of Gods Sons love and delicious joy, and you think about it, the REDEEMED AND THE SAVED have a future that is only GOOD NEWS upon GOOD NEWS upon GOOD NEWS filled everyday. No BAD NEWS IN HEAVEN FOLKS. NO NOT ANY. That is why, in part, that it is called PARADISE.
    Christ disciples preach often the GOOD NEWS IN CHRIST and the Holy Spirit says, Come Now and Read all about it. Jesus said, I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly  John 10:10. Jesus is the Word of God. In Jesus is the GOOD NEWS. Seek and ye shall find it increasingly. It is infinite light and riches of His glory...deno......please share freely