Saturday, April 26, 2014

America, is now full of bitten souls.......The Music & Entertainment Industry......deno.....please share freely

     As Satan sought to change the image of Adam and Eve and their world with temptation unto final destruction, even so he has cleverly moved in on America to change and to own Americas soul and image thru as many vessels who would yield to his end times hiss. The music and entertainment world are now full of bitten souls fit for destruction and yet they are so deceived by him that they thinks it's all just one huge gigantic good time party. What an awakening awaits them. They thought they were playing you, yet the real truth of the matter was they were the ones Satan played. But when you are deceived you do not realize truth. The shock comes in their entrance into hell when they realized they were deceived on the earth and the big good time party is over forever.  They realize in that horrible place ruled by the most hate filled evil beings, they have lost everything, even all peace. God sober up Americas thinking in Jesus Name and save as many as you can from the fire. For what does it profit and man or a woman, a young boy or girl to profit the whole world but lose their soul and peace forever in the lake of fire in an endless judgement?......

     Aleister Crowley will not save you my friend, but Jesus can and He is willing to if you will let Him. Aleister Crowley could not even save himself.  It is written, Those that deceive, in the latter days they will wax worse and worse. They will be so sly that their prey do not recognize they have been bitten by the most powerful deceiving serpents. The servants of Satan.......please share freely.......deno.